mild late autumn sunshine

these days the weather here were clear and bright. but the temperature was not so charming. last night i had to put on a inner trousers against coldness. and in these days i seldom touched the topic of baby&weather. i more or less busy with my site maintain activities. time for a man in my age really swift, i didn’t pay attention while several Chinese holidays glided away.

ok, i don’t iterate long tale. yesterday i found service from quite attracting. so i registered 3 accounts for my family. i also created all my family frequent namespace with scribd groups. the interface quite cozy. i hope i can read more online within it, and contribute more to the doc store it hold. that’s why i claimed my account with it, for i think in the future people will read more online. as to me, now i daily read more than 2 hour, but what i read mostly technical news. i can envision that i need more reading on social/culture contents and shared more my thoughts with the world.

list below are my loot on

Scribd group – be21zh…21-century

Scribd group – beinzh…ive-nation

Scribd group – benzyrnill…dragon-fly

Scribd group – China Democracy…-democracy

Scribd group – emake…eam-to-fly

Scribd group – faezrland…ls-feather

Scribd group – oneizh…ne-chinese

Scribd group – zhudajiu…4-zhudajiu

Scribd group – warrantzh…uard-world

Scribd group – warranzh…re-baptism

Scribd group – warwinzh…re-baptism

Scribd group – wardzh…-nightmare

Scribd group – emagarten…that-flies

my profile at

warren’s profile at

emakingir’s profile at

i like picture more than text. so i attached my recently redesign logo, and a baby son video shot today when he watching dvd with his cousins.

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