evil knocks door.

evil knocks door.^read all day. one of my google account, benzillar under attacks&broke. gmail warned me the break-in&let me reinforce it with new password. i did, in God’s blessing i left my other web assets intact in God’s judge. its all day gloomy. after dinner i sat on the garden bench again, then roamed outside. i felt need more heat so i decided to snack with toast mutton on way back. i buzzed baby’s mom, who brought baby son haunting KFC, want to treat them with the snack with me, but they rebuffed. a winter is striding toward us, i foreseeing i need more expense on meat. God, saves me from last year’s embarrass of penniless. bring me a warm&rich family sooner, in ur holy. slept just after 9pm. this morning dreamed of kid brother. there is wet ground so likely it drizzled again in dawn. but its quite bright when i ate breakfast. now its cloudy.


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