dog shows teeth.^read lately. then the sin on facing desk returned, half drunk. just after the monitor left&work time over, it start to curse me. i tried to dial to the high rank, a Zhou, the department director, and finally the corporate cops. the first two absent. when a cop talked with me on phone, the deputy director&the hard core gay in facing room alone aisle talked to the dog&accompany it left. i praying God for able to do task i like. then the dog returned&continued to abuse me. i see the plot of machine dog, China surveillance. after peacefully sorted stuff, i left before 5:45pm or so. im glad with what i gained from web. after dinner i rest on dorms’ garden bench, after several days’ break for lingering in office after work time. lately in dusk i roamed outside. buzzed baby earlier before cellphone battery ran out. baby claimed he likes more his mom. i congratulate his mom for baby’s claim. later near 8:12pm, i buzzed again, attempting to discuss with baby my unbalance, but he refused to talk in air. i love him so much. never in the world a character can split us, the holy trinity. God, today really brilliant!


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