a blessing day.

a blessing day.^today full of bliss. gained quite some games dreamed of. rested afternoon for resilient from yesterday’s intensive chore of maintaining legend pc baby made frequent usage. claimed more vanity url for family sites with x.co. the office pal tentatively talked about violence by local hooligans. left office before 5:30pm, join canteen at once. rest on garden bench, doubting surrounding gangsters. roamed outside&talked awhile with the previous chief director of the factory, now a company, when i enrolled by the enterprise back to 1991, the year i graduated from Nankai Univ. on way near my office, met a girl with a large bag. its our second running across. today is due my girl zhou, or my girl i met on train from my 2nd hometown journey, appears to me, and God shows it in my meeting up with the girl leaving QRRS. its a bright day can’t be more splendid. God, bring me into my new life in arms of my girls.

this morning again bright. baby’s mom buzzed for missing password for logon desktop. i join office in hopes. i know i m to gain more.

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