God saves me from starvation&humiliation.

save arrives while attest endures.^yesterday’s sandstorm brought a peaceful sunny Thursday. dusts down like the effect of a drizzle in late Autumn. weak but bright sunshine likes milk&fragrance of lily. more elation of harvest of interesting pc games. got a holiday bonus of ¥200 from QRRS. God saves me from defame of penniless&starvation. but this month salary again suffers lose, stopped at ¥1095. God, i need a new game gear, Dell notebook studio 14, and a new udisk. i can wait, but my mind don’t change: i want to try more pc games. my girls, my beloved, pardon me for my engagement with e-entertainment alone. i want to keep up with full view of my Empire of China, but God sees i need new experience of independent navigation on landscape unclear, like video games, to enhance my dream of rich, of plenty, after the America Dream. i had to atop the arena of sci-social foundation to be informed in Holy shine. baby, my Queens, i live with u every moment.

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