a shallow snow manifests Asoh Yukiko’s descending.

day for coming Asoh Yukiko, my Crowned Queen from Japan.^yesterday under attacked from sins in office. since the morning the monitor stayed profaned, till defeated by an online lecture on bible i watched. i enjoyed the peace gladly. about an hour before the work time over, they returned, including the facing sin in his vacation, brought their pal who likely a gangster. they challenged me heavily while i watched games’ trailer online. i left office near 6pm, after the sins left, the canteen owner shown their despise, lets me swallow a large dish of rice with egg, with some pickles. in night i buzzed once near 8:30pm, baby picked phone then shift to his mom. so many hostile ignited me, but God, baby son’s voice let me satisfied&hopeful. It snowed last night, in breakfast a boy student sat in front of me&talked with his girl classmates, i know God doesn’t bless them. browser’s ssl broke yesterday, now likely resumed to normal, thx God. Today is day for my second wife, my Crowned Queen from Japan, Asoh Yukiko, my dearest, if u hearing, pl join me&let us together bring birth of my second son, our first son ahead our other 2 sons, in God’s shine. Today is ur day in our history, dearest, join me to root&boot up our Royal&future of Asia. dearest, show me ur presence in my life, so as to allow me to cling to u. i beg u, i entreat u.


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